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Be found by new potential customers through Google campaigns
Do you feel like your Google ads aren’t helping your bottom line? That you’re spending money on ad campaigns that aren’t leading to growth – just treading water?

Rather than continue to shovel money into a pit labeled “poorly optimized Google ads campaigns,” it’s time to call Lorea. As a veteran Google ads agency, we’ve worked with clients across numerous industries, turning struggling paid campaigns into profit engines.

Blind trial-and-error is a waste of money. You and your business deserve better. At Lorea, we’ve managed hundreds of Google ads campaigns – we already know what works and what won’t. From optimizing keywords and reorganizing messy account and campaign structures to designing compelling copy and creatives and more, we’ll overhaul your Google ad campaigns for the best results. It’s time to see how Lorea can turn your Google ads into profit for your business.

How our Google ads agency works:

Walking blindly through a Google ad campaign is going to waste your money. Before we start, we ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of not just your business, but your industry – your brand, your products, and your competitors. Then we analyze your existing paid campaigns, identifying critical keywords you may not yet be targeting, including long-tail keywords that present key opportunities for curious shoppers.
Lesser Google ads management agencies will use the same strategy for all of their clients. We think you and your business deserve better than that. Our customized Google ad agency strategies are much more cost-effective and efficient at driving leads and sales. We’ll design a strategy around your business’ unique goals, your target customers, and your brand and product offerings. We’ll also include detailed demographic targeting to ensure that your ads are going in front of the right eyeballs – people who will be the most interested.
When setting up your Google ad campaigns, our first order of business is to create a properly organized account structure, including ad groups, retargeting lists, keywords and negative keywords, product feeds, and more. We’ll then create ads – both creatives and copy – that will speak to your target audience and drive them to a purpose-built landing page to help them move forward on the conversion process.
Optimization & reporting
We’re not the type of Google ads agency who sets up a campaign and washes their hands of it. We monitor all our ongoing campaigns, taking note of what works – and what doesn’t – and ensure that we’re making your advertising dollars go as far as possible.

We keep you and your team up to date on your Google ad performance with comprehensive monthly dashboards and reports, and ensure that we’re continuously adjusting your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


A Google ads agency assists businesses in developing, managing, and refining online advertising campaigns on the Google ads platform. These agencies focus on enhancing ad effectiveness, reaching the appropriate audience, and achieving the client’s advertising objectives, such as boosting website sales or generating leads. Google ads management services include Google ads strategy, setting up tracking, keyword research, landing page design, ad creation, bid management, campaign optimization and performance reporting.

Engaging a Google ads agency provides you with immediate expertise, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These agencies employ experienced Google ads professionals who are attuned to the latest advancements, saving both time and money compared to managing campaigns in-house. Additionally, they grant access to advanced tools and landing page design, enhancing campaign optimization for improved results.

We offer a variety of strategic components within our Google Ads management services to guarantee a successful online advertising approach. These services include:

  • Google ads Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Setup and Structuring
  • Landing Page Design
  • Ad Copy and Creative Design
  • Bid Management
  • Continuous Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Adapting to Latest Google Releases
  • Industry Trends

We regularly provide updates on your campaign’s progress. As a company focused on Google ads services, we believe in clear communication. These reports play a crucial role in evaluating the effectiveness of your Google ads investment, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions for future strategic planning.

At the end of each month, we furnish a comprehensive report dashboard displaying the performance of the campaigns and essential metrics such as ad expenditure, conversions, cost per conversion, and more. We carefully analyze specific campaigns and targeted keywords to identify the most impactful factors, enabling us to optimize the campaigns with greater efficiency.

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